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37. Tornado of 1890

On April 4, 1890, the General Assembly approved a resolution "providing for the relief of the sufferers from the recent tornado that passed through the State of Kentucky." Thirty thousand dollars was to be appropriated "to relieve citizens of this State who are actual sufferers from the effects of the recent tornado." The money was to be spent "as far as possible for supplying provisions, fuel, medicines, medical attention and shelter for such sufferers." The governor was given the option of appointing "local relief boards" to channel the assistance to afflicted localities.

Detail from tornado insurance policy and photograph of tornado damage.

Detail from Samuel H. Pirtle's tornado insurance policy, Lebanon, Kentucky, 1908. Samuel H. Pirtle collection, 1831-1921. Photograph of tornado damage at the Poplar Hill Church, Casey County, ca. 1940s. C. Frank Dunn Collection, Kentucky Historical Society Collections.

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