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Legislative History

60. State Archives and Records (1958)

In an "act relating to state archives and records," approved on March 27, 1958, the General Assembly created the State Archives and Records Commission, a nine-member body with members serving four-year terms, which was authorized to establish procedures for the collection and distribution of all reports issued by any "department, board, commission, officers, or other state agency" except editions of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. The Commission was also authorized to establish procedures for selecting lists and schedules of public documents for disposal, procedures for proper disposal, and standards for the reproduction of public records. The act created an Archives and Records Service with "a professionally qualified director and associate director" appointed by the Commission. The Archives and Records Service was "hereby constituted the central depository for public records" after July 1, 1958.

Survey of public records storage conditions.

James C. Boyd, management consultant, conducted a survey of public records in Kentucky and issued a photographic report February 28, 1950. The deplorable storage conditions in many state offices pointed to the need for professional management of public records. Kentucky Historical Society Collections.

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