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Title 501 | Chapter 006 | Regulation 030REG

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Department of Corrections
(Amended at ARRS Committee)

501 KAR 6:030.Kentucky State Reformatory.

Section 1.

Incorporation by Reference.


"Kentucky State Reformatory policies and procedures", March 7, 2022November 16, 2021May 15, 2018, are incorporated by reference. Kentucky State Reformatory policies and procedures include:
KSR 01-00-08Communication Among the Warden, Management Staff, Department Heads and Inmates (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 02-00-01Inmate Canteen (Amended 3/7/2211/16/211/12/17)
KSR 02-00-03Screening Disbursements from Inmate Accounts (Amended 3/7/2211/16/211/12/17)
KSR 02-00-11Inmate Accounts (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 02-00-13Inmate Canteen Committee (Amended 11/16/214/11/16)
KSR 06-00-03Kentucky Open Records Law and Release of Institutional and Medical Records (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 09-00-28Restricted Areas (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 09-00-30Parole Board (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 10-01-02Restrictive Housing Unit General Operational Procedures (Amended 1/12/17)
KSR 10-01-03Restrictive Housing Unit - Inmate Tracking System and Record System (Amended 1/12/17)
KSR 10-01-09Hold Ticket Inmates (Amended 3/14/18)
KSR 10-01-12Restrictive Housing Unit General Operational Procedures – Unit E/Upper A Wing (Added 3/7/2211/16/21)
KSR 11-00-01Meal Planning and Procedure (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 11-00-05Food Service Department Clothing Issuance, Laundry and Sanitation (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 11-00-06Health Standards for Food Service Employees (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 12-00-03State and Personal Hygiene Items Issued to Inmates (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 12-00-07Inmate Barber and Beauty Shop Barbershop (Amended 3/7/2211/16/214/11/16)
KSR 12-00-09Treatment of Inmates with Body Lice (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 13-00-03Medication for Inmates Leaving Institutional Grounds (Amended 12/14/1511/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 13-00-04Medical and Dental Care (Amended 11/16/215/15/18)
KSR 13-00-05Medical Records (Amended 11/16/214/11/16)
KSR 13-00-09Institutional Pharmacy Procedures (Amended 3/7/2211/16/211/12/17)
KSR 13-00-10Requirements for Medical Personnel (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 13-00-17Special Care (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 13-01-01Death of an Inmate and Notification of Inmate Family About a Critical
KSR 13-02-01Mental Health Services (Amended 3/7/2211/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 13-02-03Suicide Prevention and Intervention Program (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 13-02-08Inmate Observer Program (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 13-03-01Correctional Psychiatric Treatment Unit (Added 3/7/2211/16/21)
KSR 13-03-02Voluntary and Involuntary Psychotropic Medication Orders (Added 11/16/21)
KSR 14-00-02Americans with Disabilities Act and Inmate Program Access (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 15-00-06Inmate Identification Cards (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 15-00-09Tobacco Free Environment (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 15-00-10Program Services for Special Housing Placement (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 15-01-01Responsibilities of Staff Assigned to Units A, B & C (Amended 3/14/18)
KSR 15-01-02Staff Operational Procedures for Units A, B, and& C (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 15-01-03Inmate Rules for General Population Living Areas (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 15-01-06Honor Housing Criteria and Rules (Amended 1/12/17)
KSR 15-01-07Unit B-Nursing Care Facility Operational Procedures and Rules (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 15-01-08Outside Detail (Amended 11/16/21Added 3/14/18)
KSR 16-00-02Inmate Correspondence and Mailroom Operations (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 16-00-03Inmate Access to Telephones (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 16-01-01Inmate Visiting (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 17-00-05Inmate Reception and Orientation (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 17-00-07Inmate Personal Property (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 18-00-04Inmate Transfers, Admission, and Discharge Procedures (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 18-00-06Classification (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 18-00-07Kentucky State Reformatory Placement Committee (Amended 12/14/15)
KSR 18-01-00Youthful Offenders (Amended 3/7/2211/16/214/11/17)
KSR 18-02-01Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) (Amended 1/12/17)
KSR 19-00-02Inmate Work Programs (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 19-00-03Safety Inspections of Inmate Work Assignment Locations (Amended 3/14/18)
KSR 20-00-01LaGrange Education Center Programming (Amended 3/7/2211/16/215/15/18)
KSR 20-00-06English as a Second Language (Amended 12/14/15)
KSR 21-00-01Legal Aide Office and Inmate Law Library Services and Supervision
KSR 21-00-02Library Services (Amended 11/16/213/14/18)
KSR 22-00-03Inmate Organizations (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 22-00-04Inmate Recreation Programs (Added 3/7/2211/16/21)
KSR 22-00-07Inmate Magazine (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 23-00-03Religious Programming (Amended 11/16/21Added 4/11/17)
KSR 24-00-01Social Services Staff (Added 12/14/15)
KSR 24-00-02Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency Program (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)
KSR 24-00-03Social Services Program (Amended 3/7/2211/16/213/14/18)
KSR 25-00-01Discharge of an Inmate to Hospital or Nursing Home (Amended 11/16/2112/14/15)
KSR 26-00-01Volunteer Services Program (Amended 11/16/211/12/17)


This material may be inspected, copied, or obtained, subject to applicable copyright law, at the Office of Legal Services, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, 125 Holmes Street, 2nd Floor, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This material may be obtained from the Department of Corrections Web site at https://corrections.ky.gov/About /Pages/lrcfilings.aspx.

FILED WITH LRC: March 7, 2022
CONTACT PERSON: Amy V. Barker, Assistant General Counsel, Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, 125 Holmes Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, phone (502) 564-3279, fax (502) 564-6686, email Justice.RegsContact@ky.gov.

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