Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources


Minutes of the<MeetNo1> 1st Meeting

of the 2002 Interim


<MeetMDY1> August 22, 2002


The<MeetNo2> 1st meeting of the Interim Joint Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources was held on<Day> Thursday,<MeetMDY2> August 22, 2002, at<MeetTime> 10:00 AM, at the Kentucky State Fair Board Room in Louisville<Room>. Representative Roger Thomas, Chair, called the meeting to order, and the secretary called the roll.


Present were:


Members:<Members> Senator Ernie Harris, Co-Chair; Representatives James Gooch, Co-Chair, and Roger Thomas, Co-Chair; Senators Robert Leeper, Vernie McGaha, Virgil Moore, and Joey Pendleton; Representatives Royce Adams, Rocky Adkins, Woody Allen, Adrian Arnold, Scott Brinkman, James Bruce, Dwight Butler, Mike Cherry, Phillip Childers, Hubert Collins, James Comer, Howard Cornett, Charlie Hoffman, Thomas McKee, Fred Nesler, Don Pasley, Marie Rader, Dottie Sims, Gary Tapp, Mark Treesh, Johnnie Turner, Tommy Turner, Ken Upchurch, and Brent Yonts.


Legislative Guests:† Senator David Williams, Representative Larry Clark, Representative Mike Denham, and Representative Carolyn Belcher.


Guests: State Fair Board members; and Mr. Jeff Hall, State Director, USDA, Farm Service Agency.


LRC Staff:† Dan Risch, Biff Baker, Tanya Monsanto, Jack Jones, Brad Wellons, Rebecca Mullins, and Sheri Mahan.

Representative Roger Thomas, Co-Chair, opened the meeting by asking for and receiving approval of the minutes for the October 10, 2001 meeting.† He then recognized his co-chairs, Representative Jim Gooch and Senator Ernie Harris.† He then asked committee members and State Fair Board members to introduce themselves.

Mr. Pat Henderson, President of the Kentucky Association of County Districts, asked to be recognized.† On† behalf of the Association, Mr. Henderson presented a plaque to Representative Thomas in recognition of his support for farmers and the agricultural industry.

Next, Ms. Mary Anne Cronan, Chairperson of the State Fair Board, reported on board activities.† She reported that a recently released economic study indicated that Fair Board facilities generate $427 million of economic activity each year.† She pointed out that for the Fair Board to continue to generate such a positive financial impact for the state, the Class A space of the Fairgrounds must be increased.† (Class A space is, generally, well-lit, high-ceilinged exhibit area under roof that accommodates large exhibits.)† She mentioned the Fairgroundsí loss of the annual FFA convention and itís $30 million annual impact as an example of what may result from not keeping the Fairgrounds competitive with other convention locations.

Mr. Harold Workman, Chief Executive Officer and President of the State Fair Board, also emphasized the importance of expanding Class A space.† He also said that the State Fair remains connected to its agricultural roots.

At this point, Chairperson Thomas recognized Senate President David Williams and House Speaker Pro Tem Larry Clark.

Next, Mr. Jeff Hall, State Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency, introduced FSA officials in attendance.† He then spoke of the 2002 federal farm bill.† Of particular importance in Kentucky is a new dairy farm support program he said.† He also said that Kentucky corn growers will benefit from the billís bioenergy components.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:00 a.m.