Program Review and Investigations Committee




<MeetMDY1> February 13, 2015


Call to Order and Roll Call

Program Review and Investigations Committee met on<Day> Friday,<MeetMDY2> February 13, 2015, at<MeetTime> 8:45 AM, in<Room> Room 327 of the Capitol. Representative Martha Jane King, Chair, called the meeting to order, and the secretary called the roll.


Present were:


Members:<Members> Representative Martha Jane King, Chair; Senators Danny Carroll, Perry B. Clark, Ernie Harris, Christian McDaniel, Dorsey Ridley, and Whitney Westerfield; Representatives Jim DeCesare, Terry Mills, and Rick Rand.


LRC Staff:  Greg Hager, Committee Staff Administrator and Kate Talley, Committee Assistant.


Representative King welcomed Senator Carroll as a new member of the committee, noting that he replaces Senator Higdon. 


Representative King asked for nominations for a Senate Co-Chair, stating that Senator McDaniel has resigned the position.


Senator McDaniel nominated Senator Carroll.  Senator Ridley seconded the motion.  Senator Clark made a motion that nominations cease and that Senator Carroll be elected by acclamation. Senator Harris seconded the motion. There being no objections, Senator Carroll was elected by acclamation.


The meeting adjourned at 8:49 AM.