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HB 177/FN (BR 1159) - S. Nunn, T. Burch, J. Arnold Jr., B. Ausmus, III, J. Bowling, R. Crimm, R. Damron, B. DeWeese, B. Heleringer, J. Lee, M. Marzian, R. Palumbo, K. Stein, S. Westrom, B. Yonts

     AN ACT relating to the use of information technology in the delivery of health services.
     Amend KRS 45A.605 to provide for the provision of telehealth; create a new section of KRS Chapter 11 to create 5 member Telehealth Board to be staffed by Office of the Governor; provide for board membership; require board to develop telehealth network with 4 training sites and 25 rural sites, to be phased in with 5 rural sites the first year and 10 sites each during the second and third years; amend KRS 205.510 to define "health professional", "other persons eligible for medical assistance", "telehealth consultation", and "third party"; create a new section of KRS 205.510 to 205.630 to provide for Medicaid reimbursement of telehealth consultation, and require analysis report on telehealth reimbursement; create a new section of KRS Chapter 211 to permit Department for Public Health to develop local health department programs for telehealth; amend KRS 304.17A-005 to define "telehealth", create a new section of KRS Chapter 304.17A to provide for health benefit plan reimbursement of telehealth consultations; amend KRS 311.550 to define "telehealth"; create a new section of KRS 311.530 to 311.620 to require a physician who participates in telehealth to obtain informed consent of patient, and to require the board to promulgate administrative regulations to prevent fraud and abuse through telehealth, to prevent fee-splitting, and to permit utilization of telehealth in medicine and continuing medical education; amend KRS 197.020 to authorize the Department of Corrections to promulgate administrative regulations to implement a program that provides for reimbursement of telehealth consultation; appropriate $1,180,000 for fiscal year 2000-2001 and $16,857,143 for fiscal year 2001-2002 out of any amounts designated to the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund created in KRS 248.654; provide for Medicaid provisions to take effect on July 15, 2001; provide for health benefit plan provisions to take effect for policies issued on or after July 15, 2001.


     HCS/FN - Retain original provisions; increase membership of Telehealth Board to 7 rather than 5; require board to recommend processes and procedures for the switching and running of the telehealth network; require board to administer an endowment that is created to assist with the funding of the initial training and rural sites; clarify that Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth shall be to any Medicaid-participating practitioner, not just a physician; create new sections of various chapters to provide that administrative regulations on telehealth be written by boards governing dietitians and nutritionists, optometrists, chiropractors, dentists, nurses, respiratory care practitioners, psychologists, occupational therapists, ophthalmic dispensers, physical therapists, specialists in hearing instruments, speech-language pathologists and audiologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, certified professional counselors, and fee-based pastoral counselors; appropriate $1,286,000 for fiscal year 2001-2002 with an additional $21,000,000 in fiscal year 2001-2002 for the endowment.
     HFA (1, S. Nunn) - Retain provisions of House Committee Substitute; clarify that telehealth network will be available to all licensed health care providers; permit board to develop a telehealth network of up to 25 rural sites based upon available funding and criteria established by board, and delete the dates by which the rural sites would be established; require board to receive and dispense funds, and delete reference to endowment; amend KRS 205.510 to define "chiropractor", and to include doctor of chiropractic in the definition of "health professional"; clarify that telehealth consultation may be reimbursed for any Medicaid-participating practitioner, and not just a physician; require a health benefit plan to reimburse for a service provided through the telehealth network if the service would otherwise be covered; permit the insurer to provide coverage for a telehealth consultation that is not provided in the network; delete provisions relating to telehealth participation by professions that are not licensed, including ophthalmic dispensers, specialists in hearing instruments, professional counselors, and certified-fee-based pastoral counselors; delete the appropriation.
     HFA (2/Title, S. Nunn) - Make title amendment.
     SCS - Retain original provisions; provide that pediatric-affiliated hospitals at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville may be telehealth training centers; clarify that Medicaid shall pay for telehealth consultations provided in the telehealth network; and provide that Department for Medicaid Services shall establish the reimbursement rates for telehealth consultations.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s))

     Jan 4-introduced in House; to Health and Welfare (H)
     Jan 5-posted in committee
     Jan 11-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Jan 12-2nd reading, to Rules; recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (H)
     Mar 9-posting waived; reported favorably, to Rules with the original Committee Substitute
     Mar 10-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Monday, March 13, 2000; floor amendment (1) filed to the original Committee Substitute, floor amendment (2-title) filed
     Mar 13-3rd reading, passed 94-0 with Committee Substitute, floor amendments (1) and (2-title)
     Mar 14-received in Senate
     Mar 16-to Health and Welfare (S)
     Mar 22-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Mar 23-2nd reading, to Rules; posted for passage in the Consent Orders of the Day for Friday, March 24, 2000
     Mar 24-3rd reading, passed 38-0 with Committee Substitute ; received in House; posted for passage for concurrence in Senate Committee Substitute
     Mar 28-House concurred in Senate Committee Substitute ; passed 98-0
     Mar 29-enrolled, signed by each presiding officer, delivered to Governor
     Apr 7-signed by Governor (Acts ch. 376)

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