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SB 138/FN (BR 1026) - V. McGaha

     AN ACT relating to the provision of health care services in schools.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 156 to create position of education school nurse consultant; establish education and licensure requirements; specify duties; authorize Board of Education to promulgate administrative regulations; create position of public health school nurse consultant; establish education and licensure requirements; express intent of eliminating duplication between nurse consultant positions; define "health services" and "school employee"; provide that health services in schools shall be provided by a licensed physician, advanced registered nurse practitioner, or school employee who has been delegated the responsibility to perform the service and who has been trained to do so; prohibit school employee from refusing to provide the health service if the employee has been delegated the responsibility and trained; require copy of protocols and guidelines to be made available to each school and maintained in the school library; require the school district to immediately make necessary arrangements to provide for a student's health services if a school employee has refused to provide them; prohibit cause for disciplinary action from being taken, under certain circumstances, by school administrators, state or local boards of education, or any licensing or certification board or agency as a result of school employee refusal; prohibit section from being construed to deny a student his or her right to attend public school and receive public school services, or to deny, prohibit, or limit the administration of emergency first aid or emergency procedures.

     Jan 26-introduced in Senate
     Jan 28-to Health and Welfare (S)

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