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SB 282 (BR 1603) - L. Casebier

     AN ACT relating to insurance fraud.
     Create a new section of Subtitle 47 of KRS Chapter 304 to provide that a person who engages in the business of insurance is guilty of a Class D felony if the person was previously convicted of a felony for an offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust or convicted of fraud under this subtitle; provide for reimbursement of any department employee who has a judgment of monetary damages rendered against him or her for acts or omissions within the scope of his or her duties; amend KRS 304.47-010 to provide that a statement may be in any form; amend KRS 304.47-020 to designate what constitute a fraudulent insurance act; amend KRS 304.47-050 to make technical changes; provide that a person may notify any law enforcement agency if the person has knowledge or believes a fraudulent insurance act or any other act prohibited under this subtitle is being or has been committed; amend KRS 304.47-060 to provide that insurers and employees of insurers may report to other insurers and employees of insurers regarding persons who may be committing or may have committed fraudulent acts and exempt the insurers and employees from civil liability in the absence of malice, fraud, or gross negligence; amend KRS 304.47-070 to make technical changes; amend KRS 304.47-080 to require every insurer to maintain effective procedures and resources to deter and investigate fraudulent insurance acts.

     Feb 17-introduced in Senate
     Feb 22-to Judiciary (S)

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