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SB 5 (BR 112) - E. Scorsone, J. Rose

     AN ACT relating to the transportation of persons for hire.
     Create a new section of KRS Chapter 281 to require all motor vehicles operating under a taxicab license or limousine license to undergo an annual safety inspection conducted by a technician with an a.s.e. certification; permit the Department of Vehicle Regulation to develop out-of-service criteria for vehicles that fail the safety inspection; permit the department to revoke and permanently deny a license for filing fraudulent safety inspection information; create a new section of KRS Chapter 281 to clarify that only one (1) license is required regardless of how many taxicabs or limousines an owner has in a fleet; amend KRS 281.010 to define "taxicab license" and "limousine license"; amend KRS 281.011 to exclude taxicabs and limousines from definitions of "common carrier," "irregular route common carrier," and "contract carrier"; amend KRS 281.014 to delete references to city and county taxicab and limousine certificates; define "taxicab license" and "limousine license" to mean limited regulation by the Transportation Cabinet for safety and insurance purposes and prohibit requiring a certificate of necessity to operate a taxicab or limousine; permit a person with a taxicab or limousine license to transport disabled persons under the taxicab or limousine license without obtaining further permits or certificates of necessity; amend KRS 281.615 to require a person to obtain a state license to operate a taxicab or limousine; amend KRS 281.6185 to clarify that taxicabs and limousines may transport disabled persons who do not need specialized equipment if they comply with federal ADA requirements; amend KRS 281.620, 281.650, 281.655, 281.656, 281.660, 281.670, 281.675, 281.680, 281.720, 281.728, 281.990, and 431.451 to conform; repeal KRS 211.9523, 281.637, 281.6602, 281.804, and 281.806.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s))

     Jan 4-introduced in Senate
     Jan 5-to Transportation (S)
     Feb 29-discharge petition filed

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