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Billboards, vegetation control permits, allow on highways other than interstates - SB 114: SFA(1)
Drugs, direct-to-consumer, urge federal restrictions on - HCR 59
Illegal billboards, eliminate deadline of 7/1/05 for removal - SB 114: SCS
Internet advertisement for bids, allow the use of by local governments - HB 583
Local Air Boards, allow Internet advertisement for bids - HB 629
Permit jailer to sell legal advertising space in county jail to attorneys - HB 307
Real estate sale advertising, requirements for - SB 244; SB 244: SCS
Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 105
Special license plate, create to promote design talent in Kentucky - HB 168
Unsolicited commercial electronic mail communications, prohibition of - HB 64
  • control around advertising devices, establish process for - SB 114
  • control, make penalties permissive and allow for extension of grace period - SB 114: SCS
Veterans' lottery game, advertising for - HB 274: HCS

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