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Administrative regulations relating to emergency action plans, direct cabinet to promulgate - SJR 127; HJR 196
Brownfield site, property assessment moratoriums and tax credits, eligibility for - SB 271
Cinergy Gallagher Plant, resolution urging reduction of pollution at - HR 173
Coal combustion by-product, tax incentives for use as aggregate - HB 505
Louisville/Jefferson County, support its seeking a revised SIP without a VET program - SR 79
  • Kentucky vehicle emissions testing, elimination of - HJR 12
  • Kentucky VET program, elimination of - SJR 3
  • sewage disposal systems, deadlines for permit process - HB 370
  • sewage disposal systems, permit timelines and procedures - HB 369
  • sewage system permit approval process timeline, extended past 15 days if inclement weather - HB 369: HFA(2)
Provisions relating to definition of vehicle, to take effect after EPA approval of amended SIP - HB 53: HFA(1)
  • for approval of on-site sewage system, extended if delay caused by inclement weather - HB 369: HFA(1)
  • for approval response for on-site sewage system, to be 15 workings days - HB 369: HCS
  • emission testing programs, exempt cars four model years and newer - HB 53
  • emissions testing in Northern Kentucky counties, ending of - SJR 3: HCS
  • emissions testing, submit revised SIP to EPA to remove and provide technical assistance - SJR 3: HFA(1)
  • disposal facility, permit requirements for new and expanded facilities - SB 227
  • tire trust fund, recycling projects to include crumb rubber - HB 301

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