Public Buildings and Grounds

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Art work in state buildings, acquisition of - SB 236
  • Construction and Contingency Account, use of for agency moving expenses - HB 279
  • renewal account for state facilities, creation of - HB 280
  • and Capitol Annex, designated smoking area for - HB 493
  • and Capitol Annex, smoking - HB 493: HFA(2)
  • Rotunda, relocate Jefferson Davis Statue from - HJR 119
Children, lost and missing, "Code Adam" Program - HB 251
Facilities Security Branch, Kentucky State Police, resolution honoring - SR 237
Insurance on state property - HB 546
  • Capitol Annex, place memorial to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on grounds of - HJR 216: HCS
  • Capitol Annex, place plaque to honor Ky's African-American civil rights figures on grounds of - HJR 216
Smoking Lounges in Capitol and Capitol Annex, Barren County tobacco settlement funds used for - HB 493: HFA(1)
  • Capitol, Capitol Restoration Trust Fund, addition of Secretary of State as advisor on - HB 535: HFA(1)
  • Capitol, Capitol Restoration Trust Fund, prohibit display of contributor's name or symbol - HB 535: HFA(1)
  • Capitol, establishment of the Capitol restoration trust fund for - HB 535
  • Capitol, establishment of the Capitol Restoration Trust Fund, Atty. General added as adviser - HB 535: HCS
State-owned marinas, designation of a boating access area for handicapped required - HB 393

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