Science and Technology

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Access to newspapers using a telephone, Accessible Electronic Information Service Program to provide - HB 262: HFA(1)
Accessible Electronic Information Service Program, radio technology - HB 262: HFA(2)
Blind and disabled persons, accessible electronic information for - SB 56; HB 262
Cloning of humans, prohibition of - HB 171
Commonwealth Office for Technology, reorganization relating to - SB 152: HCS
Health Information Network Board, Cabinet for Health Services, creation of - HB 56: HCS
Human services, 2-1-1 dialing code for - SR 144; HR 188, 189
KASPER, Commonwealth's or county attorney to request law enforcement data from - SB 14: HFA(3)
Kentucky e-Health Information Network, creation of - HB 56
Local exchange telecommunications company customers, periodic surcharges rendered to - HB 262: HCS
Medicaid, technology improvement in - HJR 136
Rural broadband access, encourage Office of New Economy to study - HR 287
Unsolicited commercial electronic mail communications, prohibition of - HB 64

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