Sewer Systems

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Acquisition of sewer system shall be approved by ratepayers - HB 202: SFA(2)
Board of directors for sanitary and storm water systems, powers and duties of - SB 197: SCS
Entity taking over customers to pay just compensation - HB 202
Funding requirements on projects - HB 395: SCA(11)
Letcher County, reallocation of coal severance projects - HB 395: HFA(24)
Lincoln County Sewer Project - HB 395: SCA(12)
On-site sewage system installer, electrical licensing exemption for - SB 148: SCS; HB 461: HCS
Referendum of ratepayers, required for acquisition of sewer system, other public utilities - HB 202: SFA(4)
  • and storm water systems, board of directors for, powers and duties of - SB 197
  • and storm water systems, improvements to, appeals to board - SB 197: SFA(1)
  • districts - administration, functions, and structure - SB 197: HCS
  • districts - eminent domain - SB 197: SFA(2)
Sewer acquisitions, require ratepayer referendum - HB 202: SFA(1)
Waste water treatment facilities, benefits for certain workers - HB 541

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