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Adult oriented businesses, cable television advertising - HB 406
Barber shops, barber pole as advertisement for - HB 148
allow multiple message signs - SB 220
pilot project for vegetation control near - HJR 202
estate advertising violations by customers and clients, licensee duty to report - SB 43: SCS
estate brokers, advertising requirements for - SB 43
estate brokers, change advertising provisions regarding - SB 43: HFA (1)
estate brokers, misleading advertisement, duties imposed - SB 43: HCS
Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 99
Telephone directories, misrepresentation of geographic location of floral businesses prohibited - HB 522
control pilot project, delay reporting time - HJR 202: HCA (1)
control pilot project, require billboard owner to pay for development of plan - HJR 202: HCA (1)
Water district construction and improvements, repeal certain bid procedure requirements for - SB 226
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