State Symbols and Emblems


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"Women's History Month," designated as March - HR 248
Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra, designated the official state chamber orchestra - HB 597
Burgoo Capital of the World, designate Anderson County as - HJR 54
Capitol grounds, urge FAA to restrict air traffic near - SR 9
Clarkson Honeyfest, official state honey festival - HB 46
Flag desecration likely to produce breach of peace, prohibit - HB 58
Homeplace on Green River, Inc. designate as museum of Kentucky agriculture - HB 638
Kentucky History Day, proclaim second Friday in September as - HCR 278
New Capitol Annex Building, named the Vic Hellard, Jr., Legislative Office Building - HB 751
aviation museum of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, designation of - SJR 173; HJR 110
outdoor musical theater and outdoor theater capital, designation - HB 76: HFA (3)
state painting of Daniel Boone's passage through Cumberland Gap, designation of - HB 76: HFA (5)
state portrait of Daniel Boone, designation of - HB 76
state portrait of Henry Clay, designation of - HB 76: HFA (1)
Painted Stone Settlers, official state Revolutionary War reenactors - HB 282
Purple Heart license plates, prohibit state logo or brand on - SB 124: SCS
Rock fences, documentation and standards for preservation of - SCR 130
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