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HB 607 (BR 1895) - R. Webb

     AN ACT relating to mine safety.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 352 to provide for telephone or equivalent two-way communication facilities in underground and surface coal mines by September 1, 2006; require that by September 1, 2006, licensed facilities will be able to activate emergency action plans; require facilities to submit emergency action plans when making an application for a license; establish content requirements for the emergency action plan and where copies of the plan are made available; require the implementation of emergency evacuation plans and firefighting programs; require mapping of working sections in a mine and the designation of escapeways; require escapeway drills at all licensed coal mines; amend 351.010 to define "mine manager"; amend 351.025 to delete requirement that the owner intentionally violate an orders before penalties can be assessed against the licensed facility and for appeals on the imposition of penalties for violations of roof control plans and mine ventilation plans; amend KRS 351.070 to authorize the commissioner to assess civil monetary penalties for roof control plans and mine ventilation plans; require tiering of penalties, and that administrative regulations be promulgated in 90 days to implement the penalties; amend 351.175 to require ventilation plans and roof control plans be submitted along with requests for licenses and that appeals for revocations of licenses be to Franklin Circuit Court; amend 351.190 to include entrapments, roof falls, and inundation of the mine with liquid or gas in the events that trigger a mine rescue; amend 352.010 to define "mine manager" and "serious physical injury"; amend 352.020 to require mine ventilation plans and revisions to existing mine ventilation plans be submitted to and approved by the executive director of the Office of Mine Safety and Licensing; prohibit use of return air courses as primary escapeways absent approval by the executive director; require use of fans to ensure air quality and equalization of the mine atmosphere; amend 352.110 to conform; amend 352.133 to delete requirement that the licensee can store self contained self rescuer farther than 25 feet; require deployment of additional self contained self rescuer devices by December 1, 2006; provide that the self contained self rescuer be deployed at not more than 45 minute walking intervals, be placed in storage units to prevent their destruction, and have luminescent signs, alarms, and strobe lights; amend 352.135 to delete use of return airway as an escape way and require devices that direct miners to the surface at 100 foot intervals; amend 352.150 to prohibit riding under the trolley wire; require reporting of accidents that involves serious physical injury or loss of life in 15 minutes after actual knowledge of the occurrence; establish a $100,000 dollar penalty for failure to report; amend 352.280 to make technical corrections and conform; amend 352.320 to conform; amend 352.340 to require examination of caches of self contained self rescuers and other devices and alarms; amend 352.350, 352.410, 352.420, 352.430, 352.450, and 352.460 to conform.

     Feb 17-introduced in House
     Feb 21-to Natural Resources and Environment (H)
     Mar 7-posted in committee

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