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HB 623 (BR 1842) - M. Cherry

     AN ACT relating to administrative bodies in the executive branch of state government.
     Amend and repeal various KRS sections of the KRS to abolish the following: the Central State Hospital Recovery Authority, County Officials Compensation Board, Kentucky Savings Bond Authority, Kentucky Pollution Abatement and Water Resources Finance Authority, Water Resource Development Commission, Capital Development Committee, Charitable Asset Administration Board, Governor's Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, Procurement Advisory Council, Red Fox Tri-County Cooperative Corporation, and Agricultural Diversification and Development Council; amend KRS 151.710 to permit a member of the Kentucky River Authority to serve and vote until a successor is appointed and qualified; direct that the secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet or his or her designee shall serve as chair of the authority; remove provision for the chair to be paid travel expenses and a per diem; amend KRS 48.005, relating to funds or other assets recovered in a legal action on behalf of the general public, the Commonwealth, or its duly elected statewide constitutional officers, to direct that the secretary of the Finance and Administration and the state budget director recommend to the General Assembly how the funds or assets are to be administered and disbursed (the Charitable Asset Administration Board previously administered and disbursed the funds).


     HCS - Nullify the abolishment of the Capital Development Committee and the Charitable Asset Administration Board by deleting Sections 3 and 6 and make various conforming amendments to restore the Capital Development Committee and the Charitable Asset Administration Board to their current statutory status.

     HFA (1, M. Cherry) - Add three at-large members to the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority, two to be appointed by the Governor from lists of nominees submitted by the Kentucky section of the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Association and the Kentucky On-site Wastewater Association, and one to be selected from the management or operation of a publicly owned wastewater treatment works in a city of the first class, a city of the second class, an urban county government, or a consolidated local government.

     HFA (2, J. Barrows) - Retain original provisions; amend to increase the total number of members of the Kentucky River Authority from twelve to thirteen, and increase the number of appointed members of the authority from ten to eleven; amend to provide that the members of the authority shall annually elect a chair; amend to allow the chair of the authority to receive travel expenses and a per diem for official business.

     SCS - Delete original provisions of HB 623/GA; create new section of KRS Chapter 224A to establish the solid waste elimination and environmental protection fund and provide that amounts in any predecessor fund for solid waste be transferred to the new fund; provide that the fund shall be used for financial assistance for brownfield projects and solid waste projects; amend KRS 151.110 to delete responsibility for long-range water supply plans and water supply planning from the jurisdiction of the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet; amend KRS 151.112 to clarify that county and multicounty water management councils are under KRS Chapter 224A and that the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority has the responsibility for conducting drinking water and waste water planning; amend KRS 151.116 to delete the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet's regulatory authority for water supply plans and their financing and approval; amend KRS 151.632 to conform; amend KRS 224A.011 to delete governmental agency from definitions and replace with "person" and to define "brownfield project," "brownfield site," "clean water state revolving fund," "cluster system," "decentralized waste water system," "drinking water state revolving fund," "federal safe drinking water act," "on-site waste water systems," "solid waste project," "storm water control and treatment system," and "water association" and to amend the definition of "infrastructure project" to include decentralized waste water systems, brownfield projects, and community flood damage abatement projects; amend KRS 224A.111 to change the name of federally assisted waste water revolving fund to clean water state waste water revolving fund, change the name of federally assisted water supply revolving fund to drinking water state water supply revolving fund; allow financial assistance to governmental agencies through refinancing or buying eligible debt obligations of municipalities and inter municipal and interstate agencies at or below market rates, and delete requirement for the Finance and Administration Cabinet to approve infrastructure projects; require the authority to make necessary plans or reports; delete requirement that the authority ensure the loan recipient obtain a 201 grant; amend KRS 224A.1115 to conform the names of the revolving loans and provide that loans are made to persons rather than governmental agencies; require the authority to separately account for federal and state funds; amend KRS 224A.112 to provide that assistance is to persons rather than to governmental agencies; delete all references to 2020 water service account; allow for waste water accounts; allow the authority to use fund and accounts for studies, planning, and technical assistance and incentive programs; provide that infrastructure funds and repayment funds not in a dedicated account can be used for any eligible infrastructure project; amend KRS 224A.113 to provide general authority for promulgating administrative regulations for KRS Chapter 224A; amend KRS 224A.300 to clarify that the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority is the agency with responsibility for coordinating all planning related to the provision of drinking water and waste water services in the Commonwealth; amend KRS 224A.304 to add waste water to the accounts; specify who can receive financial assistance from the water and waste water account; amend KRS 224A.306 to conform and to require endorsement of the water or waste water council prior to funding; amend KRS 224A.308 to authorize the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to establish a program for infiltration and inflow studies; amend KRS 224A.310, 224A.312, and 224A.314 to conform; repeal, reenact as a new section of KRS Chapter 224A, and amend KRS 151.601 to place jurisdiction of water management councils under the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority and add a representative to the council from privately owned waste water collection and treatment systems; provide that members that lose their seats due to consolidation may serve an additional two years; provide that water management councils shall adopt rules to govern the conduct of business; repeal, reenact as a new section of KRS Chapter 224A, and amend KRS 151.603 to require plans to be updated annually; delete the long-range supply process; require the cabinet to accept the plans if endorsed by the county or multicounty council; require the cabinet to revise its administrative regulations pertaining to water supply planning to incorporate an environmental review that minimally satisfies the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969; require the authority to revise administrative regulations pertaining to the planning councils; repeal, reenact as a new section of KRS Chapter 224A, and amend KRS 151.605 to delete the cabinet's authority for county long-range planning; allow the authority to fund a water service coordinator from each area development district; repeal, reenact, and amend KRS 151.607 to provide for annual review and prioritization of plans for unserved areas in the district; allow for waste water planning; include in the factors for prioritization waste water capacity, collection, treatment, and other facilities and the status of the project; repeal KRS 151.114, KRS 151.118 and KRS 224.013.

     Feb 21-introduced in House
     Feb 22-to State Government (H)
     Feb 24-posted in committee
     Feb 28-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Mar 1-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 2-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Friday, March 3, 2006; floor amendment (1) filed to Committee Substitute
     Mar 6-floor amendment (2) filed to Committee Substitute
     Mar 8-3rd reading, passed 98-0 with Committee Substitute, floor amendments (1) and (2)
     Mar 9-received in Senate
     Mar 13-to State and Local Government (S)
     Mar 22-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Mar 23-2nd reading, to Rules

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