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Armed Forces, Global War on Terror, urge Congress to unequivocally support - HR 174
Equal representation for District of Columbia residents, support for - HR 136
Clause, civil actions relating to - HB 19
Clause, claims relating to - HR 4
FDA, prescription drug importation from foreign countries, safety information requested from - HB 252: HFA (1)
Flag of the United States, display of - HB 13
Immigration, enforcement of federal law - HB 11
Internal Revenue Service agents, inclusion of as Kentucky peace officers - HB 194
Prescription drug importation from foreign countries, request certification of safety of - HB 252
Presidential election by national popular vote, compact for - HB 550
REAL ID Act of 2005, urge repeal of - HCR 122
SEC, investment in Sudan, guidance to investors requested - HCR 16
Social Security, Windfall Elimination and Government Pension Offset Provisions, repeal urged - HCR 110
Sudan, President and Congress, action urged to be taken by - HCR 16
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