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The hyperlink to a bill draft that precedes a summary contains the most recent version (Introduced/GA/Enacted) of the bill. If the session has ended, the hyperlink contains the latest version of the bill at the time of sine die adjournment. Note that the summary pertains to the bill as introduced, which is often different from the most recent version.

Includes opposite chamber sponsors where requested by primary sponsors of substantially similar bills in both chambers and jointly approved by the Committee on Committees of both chambers. Opposite chamber sponsors are represented in italics.

HB 362 (BR 305) - T. Burch, R. Adams, L. Belcher, J. Bell, M. Cherry, L. Clark, J. Crenshaw, M. Denham, J. Draud, T. Edmonds, C. Embry Jr, T. Firkins, J. Glenn, D. Graham, J. Greer, K. Hall, M. Henley, J. Higdon, D. Horlander, J. Jenkins, M. Marzian, T. McKee, R. Meeks, C. Miller, F. Nesler, T. Pullin, S. Riggs, T. Riner, D. Sims, A. Smith, B. Smith, J. Stacy, K. Stein, T. Thompson, J. Tilley, D. Watkins, J. Wayne, R. Weston, S. Westrom, B. Yonts

     AN ACT relating to safety for state social workers, declaring an emergency, and making an appropriation therefor.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 194A to authorize additional staff positions for the Department for Community Based Services and add new positions to personnel cap and base funding; direct the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to improve and enhance safety policies and procedures and establish an ongoing Staff Safety Committee; specify membership and duties; amend KRS 194A.065 to require secretaries of Health and Family Services and Justice to develop procedures to provide criminal background information for protective services investigations within one hour; create new sections of KRS Chapter 605; define "front-line staff"; require staff to report all incidents of threat or violence and require informational system to track all reports; require a safety liaison position at central and regional offices and specify duties, and, if funding is available; require review of office settings, physical improvements for safety, staff safety training twice per calendar year, and emergency alert, personal-safety alert, and other technology to all front-line staff and state vehicles; establish or contract for supervised visitation centers, including secure visitation centers; establish at least one a peer advocate program for child protective services cases in each region; establish a Blue Ribbon Task Force on Front-line Staff; specify membership and duties and require recommendations on salary, recruitment, retention, job preparation, hiring practice, and worker caseloads; permit access to necessary data; sunset task force on July 1, 2008, unless otherwise authorized; require the department to report staffing levels to Interim Joint Committees on Health & Welfare and Appropriations and Revenue; EMERGENCY.


     HCS (1) - Delete original provisions; replace with new language to amend KRS 194A.065 define "front line staff"; require secretary and Justice secretary to establish procedures for 1-hour response on criminal background check; create new sections of KRS Chapter 605 to require staff reporting of threats and incidences, incidence tracking system, safety liaison position in central and regional offices; require quarterly reports to legislative committees on personnel changes in Division of Service Regions; establish a legislative task force to make recommendations on staffing needs, caseloads, and safety issues; require report by December 15, 2007; permit cabinet to transfer available funds to address emergency safety needs; EMERGENCY.

     HCS (2) - Retain the provisions of HB 362/HCS, except make changes to specified members of the legislative task force, add appropriation of $2.5 million, and specify use of appropriated funds.

     HCA (1/Title, T. Burch) - Make title amendment.

     HFA (1, T. Burch) - Add executive director or designee of the Kentucky Association for State Employees to the legislative task force.

     HFA (2, T. Burch) - Retain original provisions; add language to permit the Legislative Research Commission to assign the issues to an interim joint committee or subcommittee; make technical amendments.

     HFA (3, J. Lee) - Require monthly, rather than quarterly, reporting on the number of social services workers, amend the appropriations language to fill 108 social services worker positions, establish supervised visitation centers and require a recommendation on safety equipment.

     SCS - Retain original provisions except delete requirement for agency quarterly reports on social worker positions and vacations, and sections relating to establishment of a legislative task force and its recommendations; add requirement that cabinet assess local offices and remediate unsafe environments if funding is available; add requirement for a cabinet study group to make recommendations on personnel classifications that may include special designations or requirements for specialized training relating to dangerous nature of the job; revise state fiscal year 2007-2008 appropriation from $2.5 million to $1 million in necessary government expenses.

     SFA (1, D. Ridley) - Restore provisions of HB 362/GA.

     CCR - Cannot agree.

     FCCR - Retain provisions of HB 362/SCS; require the study group to report to the Governor and Interim Joint Committees on Appropriations and Revenue and Health and Welfare; provide authority for the cabinet secretary to declare a state of extraordinary circumstances and submit to the Governor for certification and upon approval, request funds not to exceed $6,000,000 as a necessary government expense; specify use of funds as $2,500,000 for new front line staff positions and $3,500,000 for office updates, emergency alert technology, and safe and appropriate family visits for children in the custody of the cabinet on the premises of the cabinet; require fund transfers to be subject to notification requirements; specify that funds for personnel be added to the department's base funding for the 2008-2010 fiscal biennium and new positions added to the department's personnel cap; require monthly reports on expenditures to the Interim Joint Committees on Appropriations and Revenue and Health and Welfare.

     Feb 7-introduced in House
     Feb 8-to Health and Welfare (H)
     Feb 9-posted in committee
     Feb 15-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Feb 16-2nd reading, to Rules; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Tuesday, February 20, 2007
     Feb 20-floor amendment (1) filed to Committee Substitute
     Feb 21-recommitted to Health & Welfare (H)
     Feb 22-reported favorably, to Rules with Committee Substitute (2), committee amendment (1-title) ; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Friday, February 23, 2007
     Feb 26-floor amendment (2) filed to Committee Substitute (2)
     Feb 27-floor amendment (3) filed to Committee Substitute (2)
     Mar 1-3rd reading, passed 98-0 with Committee Substitute (2), committee amendment (1-title), floor amendments (1) (2) and (3)
     Mar 2-received in Senate
     Mar 5-to Appropriations & Revenue (S)
     Mar 7-taken from committee; 1st reading; returned to Appropriations & Revenue (S)
     Mar 8-reported favorably, 2nd reading, to Rules with Committee Substitute
     Mar 9-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Friday, March 9, 2007; floor amendment (1) filed to Committee Substitute ; floor amendment (1) ruled out of order ; 3rd reading, passed 34-0-2 with Committee Substitute ; received in House; posted for passage for concurrence in Senate Committee Substitute
     Mar 12-House refused to concur in Senate Committee Substitute ; received in Senate; posted for passage for receding from Senate Committee Substitute ; Senate refused to recede from Committee Substitute ; Conference Committee appointed in House and Senate
     Mar 27-Conference Committee report filed in House and Senate; Conference Committee report adopted in House and Senate; Free Conference Committee appointed in House and Senate; Free Conference Committee report filed in House and Senate; posted for passage for consideration of Conference Report ; Free Conference Committee report adopted in Senate; Bill passed 36-0; received in House

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