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Includes opposite chamber sponsors where requested by primary sponsors of substantially similar bills in both chambers and jointly approved by the Committee on Committees of both chambers. Opposite chamber sponsors are represented in italics.

SB 55 (BR 173) - D. Kelly

     AN ACT relating to reorganization.
     Reorganize the Finance and Administration Cabinet as follows: create a new section of KRS Chapter 11 to direct the secretary of the cabinet to review each executive branch agency's information technology infrastructure and, when deemed in the best interests of the state, to consolidate operational control under the Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT); amend KRS 11.505 to abolish, create, or rename various offices and divisions in COT; transfer the Division of Printing from the Office of Administrative Services to COT; amend KRS 11.515 to change the name of the Geographic Information Advisory Council to the Kentucky Geospatial Board and reduce the membership from 24 to 19; designate the executive director of COT as chair; amend KRS 11.517 to conform; amend KRS 11.550 to transfer the Telehealth Board from COT to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services; amend various sections to abolish the Kentucky Savings Bond Authority, County Officials Compensation Board, Procurement Advisory Council, Charitable Asset Administration Board (CAAB), Kentucky Pollution Abatement Authority; Water Resources Finance Authority, Central State Hospital Recovery Authority; Governor's Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations, and Red Fox Tri-County Cooperative Corporation; amend KRS 42.0201 and 48.005 to direct the Office of the Controller, rather than the CAAB, to be responsible for the administration and disbursement of Commonwealth judgment or settlement proceeds; amend KRS 42.024 to transfer the duties of the abolished Procurement Advisory Council to the Office of Material and Procurement Services; amend KRS 56.450 and 56.861 to add the executive director of the Office of the Controller to the State Property and Buildings Commission and the Kentucky Asset/Liability Commission respectively; amend KRS 64.780 to transfer the duties of the County Officials Compensation Board to the Department for Local Government; amend KRS 131.020, relating to the Department of Revenue (DOR), to create the Office of the Commissioner of DOR and establish in it the Division of Special Investigations, the Division of Tax Increment Financing, and the Taxpayer Ombudsman; abolish the Division of Legislative Services; abolish the Office of the Taxpayer Ombudsman; amend KRS 148.522 and 353.752 to transfer the Gas Pipeline Authority from the Finance and Administration Cabinet (FAC) to the Office of Energy Policy in the Commerce Cabinet; amend KRS 151.710 to permit members of the Kentucky River Authority to continue to serve and vote until a successor is appointed and qualified; amend KRS 174.020 and 42.0171 to transfer the Division of Fleet Management from the Transportation Cabinet to the FAC; amend various other sections to conform; repeal KRS 8.030 (Governor's Advisory Committee on Intergovernmental Relations), 45A.065 (Procurement Advisory Council), 56.600-56.603 (Central State Hospital Recovery Authority), 154.33-600 - 154.33-609 (Red Fox Tri-County Cooperative Corporation) and 293.020 - 293.170 (Kentucky Savings Bond Authority); provide direction to the reviser of statutes; confirm, notwithstanding KRS 12.028, Governor's Executive Orders 2006-679, 2006-683, and 2006-684, all dated June 19, 2006, to the extent these orders are not otherwise confirmed or superseded by this Act.


     SCS - Retain original provisions with the following major changes: amend KRS 11.505 to remove the Office of the 911 Coordinator as an office in the Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT); amend KRS 11.507, relating to the duties of the COT, to add the duty of overseeing the development of a statewide geographic information plan and making an annual report on the developments to the Governor and the General Assembly; make various changes in the remaining duties; amend KRS 11.517 to make various changes to the duties of the Kentucky Geospatial Board; amend KRS 42.650 to make various changes to the duties of the Division of Geographic Information; remove Sections 11 and 15, thereby restoring the Charitable Asset Administration Board and its duties to its current statutory status; amend KRS 353.752 to remove the secretary of the Commerce Cabinet from the membership of the Kentucky Gas Pipeline Authority; add the executive director of the Office of Energy Policy to the membership and designate him or her as chair of the authority; direct the executive director to designate an employee as treasurer; direct the Office of Energy Policy, rather than the Finance and Administration Cabinet, to provide funds, staff, facilities, and materials required by the authority.

     HFA (1/FN/P, H. Moberly Jr) - Amend to attach provisions of HB 359, which would create a new section of KRS Chapter 7 to allow the director of the Legislative Research Commission to request access to data held by the Department of Revenue or the Cabinet for Economic Development for the purpose of conducting research and analysis; restrict the number of LRC staff persons that may access the data; require that confidential information in the hands of the LRC staff shall remain confidential; subject LRC staff to the same penalties as executive branch staff for revealing confidential information; provide that the access to information afforded LRC staff shall not extend to members of the General Assembly.

     HFA (2/Title, H. Moberly Jr) - Make title amendment.

     Jan 5-introduced in Senate
     Feb 6-to State and Local Government (S)
     Feb 7-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Feb 8-2nd reading, to Rules
     Feb 9-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Monday, February 12
     Feb 12-3rd reading, passed 34-0 with Committee Substitute
     Feb 13-received in House
     Feb 16-to State Government (H)
     Feb 20-posted in committee
     Mar 1-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar
     Mar 2-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 7-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Thursday, March 8, 2007
     Mar 12-floor amendments (1) and (2-title) filed

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