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*The Legislative Research Commission is pleased to provide you with the documents used to produce the printed Legislative Record. These links are provided to make navigating the text easier, using word processing features such as Find/Copy/Paste.

These documents are updated on a nightly basis, following the update of the Online Legislative Record. The "Last Update" date and time on the Record Page should be used as an indicator of when these documents have been updated.

These files are Word 97 documents and have been formatted for newspaper layout. Therefore, reprinting will require your printer to use 17 x 11 paper, or reformatting the documents to conform to your printing needs. Beyond providing these documents, LRC staff can not offer any assistance with these documents, and will not be responsible for changes made once a document has been downloaded by a user.

The time that it takes to download these Word documents will increase as the size of the Legislative Record increases.

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