98RS HB271


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HB 271 (BR 1153) - J. Wayne

     AN ACT relating to executive branch ethics.
     Amend KRS 11A.010 to add to the definition of "business" any limited liability corporation and any limited liability partnership; delete from the definition of "officer" other management personnel with procurement authority and add to the definition any person who holds a personal service contract to perform on a full-time basis a function of any position listed in the definition of "officer"; modify the definition of "agency" to include cabinets and to delete "institution"; declare that a public servant is employed by the agency by which his appointing authority is employed; establish exceptions; add to the definition of "lobbyist" any person employed as an executive agency lobbyist as defined in KRS 11A.201(8); define "does business with or doing business with," "public agency," "appointing authority," and "represent"; amend KRS 11A.040 to include regulatory action as one of the transactions in which a public servant is prohibited from representing the state; include in the representation prohibition any business in which the public servant or a member of his family has a value of at least $10,000; prohibit public servant from doing business with the state through any business in which the public servant has a value of at least $10,000; include bidding on and negotiating as two of the prohibited actions; include in the postemployment prohibition any business that is regulated by the state in matters in which the public servant was directly involved; amend KRS 11A.050, relating to financial disclosure statements, change the requirement that an officer and public servant appointed to or employed in any position as of January 1 of any year file a statement for the preceding calendar year to a requirement that an officer or public servant who occupies his position during any portion of a calendar year file a statement for that entire calendar year whether or not he remains an officer or public servant; amend KRS 11A.110 to require a request for an advisory opinion to be signed; prohibit commission from releasing the name of the person seeking an advisory opinion if that person requests in writing that his name not be released.


     HFA (1, J. Wayne) - Specify that the personal service contract referred to in the definition of "officer" is for a period not less than six months; delete from the representation prohibition the value of at least $10,000; delete the provision prohibiting a public servant from doing business with the state through any business in which the public servant has a value of at least $10,000.

     Jan 14-introduced in House
     Jan 15-to State Government (H)
     Feb 6-posted in committee
     Feb 10-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar
     Feb 11-2nd reading, to Rules
     Feb 12-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for February 17, 1998
     Feb 26-floor amendment (1) filed
     Mar 3-3rd reading, passed 66-28 with Floor Amendment (1)
     Mar 4-received in Senate
     Mar 5-to State and Local Government (S)
     Mar 24-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar
     Mar 25-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 26-posted for passage in the Consent Orders of the Day for March 27, 1998
     Mar 27-3rd reading, passed 34-2
     Mar 30-received in House; enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House
     Mar 31-enrolled, signed by President of the Senate; delivered to Governor
     Apr 9-signed by Governor

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