98RS HB319


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HB 319 (BR 1433) - J. Richards, J. Barrows, J. Callahan, L. Clark, H. Moberly, G. Stumbo

     AN ACT making appropriations for operations, maintenance, and support of the legislative branch of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
     The Legislative Biennial Branch Budget: appropriated from the general fund $31,725,500 for fiscal year 1998-99 and $39,879,000 for fiscal year 1999-00; appropriated from restricted agency funds $240,000 for fiscal year 1998-99 and $190,000 for fiscal year 1999-00; Appropriations are allocated as follows: GENERAL ASSEMBLY 1998-99 $ 8,874,000 1999-00 $14,365,000 LEGISLATIVE RESEARCH COMMISSION 1998-99 $23,091,500 1999-00 $25,704,000; limit Legislative Research Commission staff to 261 employees; provide that the above General Fund appropriation includes $364,000 in fiscal year 1998-1999 and $264,000 in fiscal year 1999-00 for capital projects as authorized in the Capital Projects Budget, Part II; provide director, with approval of the Legislative Research Commission, to expend funds appropriated for legislative operation and administration; limit legislators per diem on out-of-state travel to seven days, without prior approval, and exempt commission members the limitation; provide appropriation items and sums conform with KRS 48.311; provide that duplicate appropriations be governed by KRS 48.312; provide that total or subtotal conflicts be governed by 48.313; provide that revisions to restricted and federal funds appropriations be made and reported pursuant to KRS 48.630(10); require the director prepare a final budget document for the 1998-00 budget of the legislative branch and be furnished to the Finance and Administration Cabinet.


     SCS - Retain the original provisions and, notwithstanding the provisions of KRS 6.190, 6.213, and 6A.020, provide for an increase in the salary and per diem for members of the General Assembly.
     SFA (1, J. Westwood) - Require the Task Force to conduct a study and make recommendations to LRC no later than July 1, 1999; require the LRC to designate the Chair of the Task Force; fund utilization of LRC staff services from the Current Services Budget of the Legislative Research Commission; and make staff services subject to the limitations and other responsibilities of the LRC.

     Jan 20-introduced in House
     Jan 21-to Appropriations and Revenue (H)
     Mar 2-posted in committee
     Mar 6-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar; recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (H)
     Mar 9-reported favorably to Rules; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for March 10, 1998; 2nd reading
     Mar 13-3rd reading, passed 83-12
     Mar 16-received in Senate
     Mar 17-to Appropriations and Revenue (S)
     Mar 19-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar
     Mar 20-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 23-recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (S); reported favorably, to Rules with Committee Substitute; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for March 25, 1998
     Mar 25-floor amendment (1) filed to Committee Substitute; passed over and retained in the Orders of the Day
     Mar 26-3rd reading, passed 20-17 with Committee Substitute and floor amendment (1); received in House; posted for passage for concurrence in Senate amendments
     Mar 30-House concurred in Senate Committee Substitute and Senate floor amendment (1); passed 54-40
     Mar 31-enrolled, signed by each presiding officer, delivered to Governor
     Apr 9-signed by Governor

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