98RS HB450


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HB 450/LM (BR 1801) - D. Ford, P. Clark

     AN ACT relating to traffic regulations.
     Amend KRS 189.300, relating to vehicles staying to the right, to prohibit semi-trailers from using a third passing lane unless there is an emergency, they are directed to do so by a law enforcement officer, or if construction or maintenance is being conducted on one or more of the remaining two lanes of traffic; require the state to post signs on state roads and local governments on roads under their jurisdictions to warn semi-trailers they are prohibited from using a third passing lane; amend KRS 189.990, relating to penalties governing traffic regulations, to establish a fine of not less than $20 and not more than $150 for any semi-trailer violating the third lane prohibition.


     HCS - Retain the provisions of the original bill with the following changes: limit provisions of the bill to interstate highways where the speed limit is 65 m.p.h.; clarify that provisions also apply to any combination of semi-trailers; delete requirement for signs notifying semi-trailers of passing lane restrictions; delete all references to local governments.
     HFA (1, D. Ford) - Amend to add a Section 3, which requires law enforcement officers to issue a warning to semi trucks traveling in the third lane where prohibited until 12/31/98, make fines effective 1/1/99; delay effective date.

     Jan 29-introduced in House
     Feb 2-to Transportation (H)
     Feb 24-posted in committee
     Feb 26-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Feb 27-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 4-recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (H); taken from Committee, placed in the Orders of the Day
     Mar 5-floor amendment (1) filed
     Mar 9-3rd reading, passed 88-5 with Committee Substitute and floor amendment (1)
     Mar 10-received in Senate
     Mar 11-to Transportation (S)

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