98RS HB87


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HB 87 (BR 444) - J. Wayne, L. Brandstetter, C. Hoffman, S. Riggs, M. Weaver

     AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Uniform State Building Code.
     Amend KRS 198B.010 to include single-family dwellings into definition of "building" in the building code; delete language to remove local option of inclusion of single-family dwellings in code as the reference standard; amend KRS 198B.060 to provide that permits, inspections, and certificates of occupancy for single-family residences are required only when local governments pass ordinances requiring that treatment, although the standards of single-family residences still must be equal to the building code; remove Department of Housing's responsibility of inspection of single-family residences if local government fails to inspect them; provide that a certified electrical inspector must be employed by, or contracted for, in jurisdictions with building inspection programs; amend KRS 67.380 to conform.


     HCS - Amend KRS 198B.060 to remove area development districts.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)

     Jan 6-introduced in House
     Jan 7-to Cities (H)
     Jan 9-posted in committee
     Jan 15-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Jan 16-2nd reading, to Rules; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for January 20, 1998
     Jan 22-3rd reading, passed 61-36 with Committee Substitute
     Jan 23-received in Senate
     Jan 26-to Licensing and Occupations (S)
     Feb 5-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar
     Feb 6-2nd reading, to Rules
     Feb 9-posted for passage in the Consent Orders of the Day for February 10, 1998
     Feb 10-taken from the Consent Orders of the Day, placed in the Regular Orders of the Day; passed over and retained in the Orders of the Day
     Feb 11-3rd reading, passed 34-3-1; received in House
     Feb 12-enrolled, signed by Speaker of the House
     Feb 17-enrolled, signed by President of the Senate; delivered to Governor
     Feb 25-signed by Governor

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