00RS HB715


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HB 715/LM (BR 2014) - P. Bather, G. Stumbo, T. Burch, L. Clark, P. Clark, D. Horlander, S. Johns, E. Jordan, M. Marzian

     AN ACT relating to the regulation of motor carriers.
     Amend KRS 281.625, relating to hearings to apply for a certificate to be a motor carrier, to shorten the hearing process to obtain a certificate of necessity or a permit to 30 days; require a public hearing to be held on an application to be a motor carrier and require notice of the hearing to be published in compliance with KRS Chapter 424; allow any person to submit oral or written comments during the hearing as to the fitness and need of the applicant; delete statutory requirement that existing certificate and permit holders receive special notice of an applicant and delete their special right to challenge the application; require the Transportation Cabinet to either grant or deny a certificate or permit within 30 days of the date of the hearing; amend KRS 281.635 to provide that of a city of the first class or an urban-county government chooses to enact an ordinance to regulate taxicabs, the governing body must develop a complaint process for members of the general public to use who have complaints about taxicabs; prohibit discriminating against the hiring of a taxicab driver if the driver has been convicted of a nonviolent misdemeanor or nonviolent Class D felony unless the conviction occurs in the two years preceding their employment; allow a city of the first class or an urban-county government to regulate all motor carriers; require the creation of a transportation commission in a city of the first class or an urban-county government wanting to regulate all motor carriers; amend KRS 281.630, 281.633, 281.640, 281.675, and 13B.020 to conform; repeal KRS 281.641 and 281.801.

     Feb 16-introduced in House
     Feb 17-to Transportation (H)
     Feb 24-posted in committee

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