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SB 283 (BR 2277) - T. Buford

     AN ACT relating to hypnosis.
     Establish new sections of KRS Chapter 309 to certify hypnotists and advanced hypnotists; prohibit a person from holding himself or herself out to the public or using any title that implies that the person is a certified or advanced certified hypnotist; exempt from proscription a person who is certified, licensed, or registered under other provisions of Kentucky statute, an intern or trainee in approved program, and visiting hypnotists and a teacher at an approved institution in state; establish the Kentucky Board of Certification for Hypnotists; establish the duties of the board to include: issuing of certificates; disciplining certificate holder; and entering into reciprocal agreement with certifying and licensing agencies in other jurisdictions; establish criteria for certification by grandfathering and through endorsement; establish criteria for certification to include completion of a course of study and a supervised practicum and passage of a written and practical examination; establish criteria for certification as an advanced certified hypnotist to include completion of additional coursework and passing score on the corresponding written and practical examinations; establish an upper cap on the renewal fee for certified hypnotists to be $500; assess advanced certified hypnotists an additional fee not to exceed $100; establish a process by which certificates are renewed and reinstated; permit an applicant to obtain inactive status; require the certified hypnotist to obtain informed consent from the client; prohibit a certified hypnotist from knowingly engaging in sexual abuse and other cases involving extreme trauma unless otherwise licensed to do so; prohibit a certified hypnotist from administering medical advice or representing that he or she is a physician; require the hypnotist to maintain a record on each client and to make an audio or video tape of each session; require the records to be kept for at least one year; set out the grounds by which a certificate holder can be disciplined; establish procedures by which disciplinary actions may be taken.

     Feb 17-introduced in Senate
     Feb 22-to Licensing and Occupations (S)

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