County Clerks

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Adverse possession, adverse possessor may file notice - HB 166
  • title to real property - HB 291: HCS
Assumed business names, filing of - HB 112; HB 112: HCS
Authorized office expenses, sheriffs and county clerks - HB 258
  • of delinquency, interest attaches to fees on - SB 204
  • of delinquency, interest on fees - HB 510: SFA(1)
Choose Life license plate, establish - SB 39
Cities of 2nd through 6th class, enlargement or reduction of territory across county lines by city - HB 294
Clerks, fees, reduce the increase in two fees - HB 611: HCS
Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, special license plate for - SB 18
Contributions to the veterans' program trust fund, require posters in each office to promote - HB 696: HFA(1)
County clerks, fees for duplicating - HB 669
Deeds conveying real property to governmental agency, exempt from certain requirements - SB 121
Document recording and archiving - HB 328
Fees for administering special license plate donations, increase - HB 172: HCS(1)
Liens filed for labor and materials in county clerk's office, change filing deadline for - SB 174
Marginal entry records, require county clerks to maintain - HB 402
Military discharge papers, release and destruction of - HB 225; HB 225: SFA (1)
  • vehicle identification numbers database - SB 147; HB 29
  • vehicle security interest, termination statement - SB 181
  • Vehicle Usage Tax, definition of retail price, proof of total consideration given - HB 282
  • vehicles, require to be registered in the county of the purchaser's residence - HB 399
Personalized license plates, divide the fee between the Transportation Cabinet and the county clerk - HB 172: HFA(4)
Property tax, commission for collecting - HB 107
Records, maintenance - HB 611
Relay for Life special license plate, collection of voluntary contributions - SB 104
Report sale of junked cars, duty of junk and scrap recyclers to - HB 628
Salary and benefits if reemployed after retirement - HB 201
  • EMS license plates, establish - SB 193
  • license plates, remove clerk from process to retain and distribute funds to groups - HB 172: HCS(2)
  • license plates, require the Transportation Cabinet to forward funds to groups - HB 172: HFA(6)
  • license plats, holding fees collected for groups, allow to hold in one account - HB 172: HFA(7)
  • military license plates, fees for - SB 117
  • military-related license plates, make motorcycles eligible for - HB 92
Vehicle emission testing program, fee for - HB 423

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