Distilled Spirits

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  • beverage containers, federal standards of fill, compliance with - SB 79: HFA(1)
  • beverage wholesalers, allow purchase credit to retailers, limit 20 days for - SB 79
  • beverage wholesalers, allow purchase credit to retailers, limit 30 days for - SB 79: SCS
    Distilled spirits and wine, Sunday sales at private clubs - HB 598
    Federal standards of fill, distilled spirits and wine deemed properly labeled if meeting - HB 362: HCS
    Limited restaurant and golf course fees, license fee established - SB 149; HB 466
    • government-imposed regulatory license fees, permissible use of - HB 252
    • option elections coinciding with general elections, time frame for conducting - SB 154: HFA(6)
    • option elections, procedures for - HB 381
    National fraternal society, special private club alcohol license for - HB 597
    Private club alcoholic beverage sales, Sunday sales permitted, exception to - HB 598: HFA(1)
    Small and farm wineries, Sunday sales permitted - HB 239
    Sunday alcoholic beverage sales at private clubs, ordinance required - HB 598: HCS
    Wholesalers and retailers, minimum quantities in containers kept or sold by - HB 362

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