Waterways and Dams


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Building permits, local governments may issue in flood area - HB 471
Environmental testing laboratories, certification and accreditation of - HB 372
Kentucky River Authority, water use fee, limit authorization for assessment - HB 137
sewage disposal system with service discharge, 15-days to respond to permit request - HB 190
sewage system involving surface discharge, approve or deny within 20 days - HB 190: HFA (1)
Section 404 Water Permits, feasibility study, requirement for - SB 175: HFA (2)
State assumption of permitting process, cabinet to report on - SB 175: HFA (6); HB 175: HFA (2)
Surface mines, overburden disposal in state waters, prohibited - HB 509
Pollution Control Act state permit requirements, no more or less stringent than federal - SB 175: HFA (1)
pollution permits, authorize state to issue for fill material - SB 175
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