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Administrative hearings, exempt license and bond revocation hearings for motor fuels - HB 557
Bonding, oil and natural gas drilling, requirements for - SB 237
Coal-to-liquid fuel plant, support efforts to site in Kentucky - HR 285
Kentucky Gas Pipeline Authority, include oil and oil products - HB 695
Ky. Gas Pipeline Authority, use of term "crude oil" to replace "petroleum" - HB 695: HCS
Minimum emissions coal project, exemption for - HB 665: HFA (1)
Minimum-emissions coal project, exemption for - HB 665
fuel pumps - HB 634
fuels quality program, petroleum environmental assurance fee, use of - HB 634: HCS
of Energy Accountability, create - HR 150
of Energy Policy, direct development of coal-to-liquid and biomass alt fuels - HB 299
Public interest gas pipelines, create - HB 728
Report on transportation fuel development, additional due dates - HB 299: HFA (1)
gas from coal, utility contracts for - SB 131
natural gas from coal, include in policy, planning, and implementation - HB 299: SFA (1)
Utility rates, petition Public Service Commission not to approve increases - HCR 26
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