98RS HB535


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HB 535 (BR 1698) - H. Moberly

     AN ACT relating to school-based decision making.
     Create new sections between KRS 160.345 and KRS 160.347 to establish the membership requirements and procedures for elections for school-based council members as currently required; allow a parent member to be selected as long as the parent is not an employee of the school or a relative of an employee of the school or an employee or relative of an employee in the central office; permit a teacher outside Kentucky but employed in the school to be elected; identify the training requirements for council members, including training for a council with a primary program under its jurisdiction to be trained in implementation options; spell out the duties and responsibilities of council members, including the development of procedures for consultation with the principal on personnel; require that the chair of the council be elected by the council from its membership; identify the school personnel hiring authority of the council and the principal; describe the option to request a waiver from the Kentucky Board of Education by a school that is performing above its threshold or a newly created school from having a school council ; amend KRS 156.101 to require that each local evaluation plan include criteria and a process for the superintendent to seek information from school council members regarding the principal's effectiveness as a council member and record of implementing council actions; amend KRS 160.345 to delete language that has been moved to new sections of KRS Chapter 160; to add new language requiring full disclosure relating to the allocation of funds to school councils and disclosure of funds that were retained by the district and for what purposes; and require the Office of Education Accountability to develop a uniform complaint process and resolve complaints within six (6) months of receiving the complaint or forward the complaint to the Kentucky Board of Education; and make technical changes to conform.


     HFA (1, B. Yonts) - Amend KRS Chapter 160 to require the selection of certified personnel by the school council; prohibit the use of undue influence or unethical tactics in hiring and require the superintendent to review and verify the selection process; require the principal to select classified employees after consultation with the school council.
     HFA (2, R. Damron) - Prohibit a parent who served as a school council member from being employed in the school for one year following the expiration of the parent's term of office.
     HFA (3, R. Damron) - Require that the composition of school committees include at least the same proportion of parents serving on the school council.
     HFA (4, R. Crimm) - Amend sections of KRS Chapter 160 relating to school-based decision making to increase the number of parents on the school council to three; authorize the rejection of a decision making proposal if the number of teachers and parents are not equal to; increase the number of individuals prohibited from circumventing successful school-based decision making.
     HFA (5, B. Yonts) - Provide that the school council selects all employees for vacant positions in a school from qualified applicants provided by the superintendent; prohibit the council from being subjected to or using undue influence or unethical tactics in the hiring of employees; provide that violation of this is subject to provisions in KRS 160.345; and delete other language to conform.
     HFA (6, B. Yonts) - Create new section of KRS Chapter 160 to require the school council to select certified employees to fill vacancies and prohibit undue influence and unethical tactics in selecting personnel; require the superintendent to review the selection process for fairness and to void the selection if undue influence or unethical tactics are found; and require the school principal, after consultation with the school council, to select classified personnel to fill vacancies from a list submitted by the superintendent.
     HFA (7, H. Anderson) - Add 2 parents and 1 at-large member elected from the district to the membership of the school council.

     Feb 6-introduced in House
     Feb 9-to Education (H)
     Mar 2-posted in committee
     Mar 4-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar
     Mar 5-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 6-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for March 9, 1998
     Mar 9-floor amendments (1) (2) and (3) filed
     Mar 10-floor amendment (4) filed
     Mar 12-floor amendments (5) (6) and (7) filed
     Mar 16-3rd reading; floor amendment (4) ruled out of order; floor amendments (5) and (7) rejected; passed 93-1 with floor amendment (3)
     Mar 17-received in Senate
     Mar 18-to Education (S)

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