98RS HB620


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HB 620 (BR 869) - J. Jenkins

     AN ACT relating to criminal surveillance.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 431 to allow police to conduct electronic criminal surveillance for specified crimes; require police to be specifically authorized by a Circuit Court before conducting an electronic criminal surveillance; require the Attorney General or a Commonwealth's Attorney to file a detailed application with the Circuit Court requesting the authority; require the Circuit Court to make specific findings before granting the authority; establish safeguards and conditions on the use and disclosure of evidence obtained by electronic criminal surveillance; establish reporting and accountability requirements for all electronic criminal surveillance activities; amend KRS 526.070 to state that persons acting under the authority of the provisions on electronic surveillance, and persons who are merely in technical violation of these provisions, are not guilty of eavesdropping or related offenses under KRS Chapter 526.

     Feb 17-introduced in House
     Feb 18-to Judiciary (H)
     Mar 5-posted in committee

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