98RS HB719


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HB 719/FN/LM (BR 1903) - K. Stein, J. Crenshaw, J. Vincent

     AN ACT relating to health insurance coverage for retired policemen and firefighters.
     Create new section of KRS 79 to provide that board of trustees of policemen's and firefighters' retirement fund of urban-county governments shall provide health insurance for members retired for service or disability, provide for coverage through health maintenance organizations, provide for Medicare supplemental coverage for members eligible for Medicare, provide qualifications, provide coverage as set forth in regulations of board of trustees, allow board to promulgate regulations governing the program, require premiums to be paid in full by urban-county governments, provide that group rates be made available to spouse, dependents, and disabled children, regardless of the child's age, of the recipient if the insurance is paid by payroll deduction from the retirement allowance or another method and the child shall be considered disabled if determined to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits, provide that premiums paid for insurance shall be exempt from premium taxes under KRS Chapter 136 and payment of premiums shall not constitute taxable income to the recipient.


     HCS/FN/LM - Delete subsection 7 of the original bill to delete tax exemption from insurance premium taxation.

     Feb 24-introduced in House
     Feb 25-to Cities (H)
     Mar 5-posted in committee
     Mar 12-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Mar 13-2nd reading, to Rules; posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for March 16, 1998
     Mar 17-3rd reading, passed 91-0 with Committee Substitute
     Mar 18-received in Senate
     Mar 19-to State and Local Government (S)

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