98RS HB781


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HB 781/CI (BR 2530) - R. Palumbo

     AN ACT relating to arson and related offenses.
     Amend KRS 513.010 relating to definitions for arson offenses to add definitions for damage, inhabited, and occupied; amend KRS 513.020 relating to arson in the first degree to exempt serious physical injury to persons who are participants in the crime from arson in the first degree; amend KRS 513.030 relating to arson in the second degree to add an element that the building is occupied or inhabited or that the defendant believed that it was occupied or inhabited, remove provisions relating to defenses; amend KRS 513.040 relating to arson in the third degree to add the defense that property was burned by the owner for a lawful purpose, increase penalty from Class D to Class C felony; amend KRS 513.060 relating to burning personal property to defraud an insurer to clarify the elements of the crime; create a new section of KRS Chapter 513 to create the crime of arson in the fourth degree.

     Mar 2-introduced in House
     Mar 3-to Judiciary (H)
     Mar 5-posted in committee

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