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2024-2030 Capital Planning Process

KRS Chapter 7A establishes a six-year capital planning process applicable to all branches and agencies of Kentucky state government. That process requires each state agency to submit its capital plan for a six-year period to the Capital Planning Advisory Board (CPAB) no later than April 15 of each odd-numbered year.

Version One of the capital planning system will open for preparation of the 2024-2030 agency capital plans December 1, 2022. Version 0 is read-only, and is for review purposes only. Agencies will have the opportunity at various times during the year to amend their plans as needed.

Changes to the Planning System
There are no changes to the web-based capital planning system for the current planning period.

Capital Planning Training
On-site training in the Capitol Annex will not be conducted this year.
Here is a video to assist users: Capital Planning Training
Additional help is available via pre-scheduled Zoom meetings as well.

Capital Project Thresholds
There have been no changes to the capital project thresholds since the 2018 Regular Session of the General Assembly. The current thresholds are one million dollars ($1,000,000) for capital construction and information technology projects, and two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) for equipment.

Key dates for the 2024-2030 Capital Planning Process (tentative)

Version Opening date Closing date Description
Version 1 December 1 April 17 Initial capital plan submission
Version 2 May 17 May 29 Revisions/amendments to Version 1
Version 3 June 14 June 26 Revisions/amendments to Version 2
Version 4 July 20 July 31 Revisions/amendments to Version 3

April 17, 2023 Statutorily mandated due date for submission of agency plans to CPAB
May-September 2023 Board meetings and review of agency capital plans
November 1, 2023 Transmittal of the Statewide Capital Improvements Plan to the heads of the three branches of government
The planning system will re-open in November to allow agencies to amend their plans as needed before final closure for the year.

IT Project Review – Commonwealth Office of Technology

During the capital planning process, the Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) is primarily responsible for the review, assessment, and enterprise ranking for executive branch IT projects (excluding postsecondary education.) Agencies with IT projects in their capital plans will be contacted by COT staff after the submission period to schedule a short presentation to the scoring committee. (The scoring criteria for the 2024-2030 planning period are currently being developed and will be posted on the COT website upon finalization in late January.)

Six-Year Capital Plan Building Standards Guidance

PDF Document



Current Capital Planning Instructions

Capital Planning Advisory Board homepage  

Detailed Instructions - Functions

Set Agency Level Priorities
Set Cabinet Level Priorities
Plan Validation
Plan Submission
Agencies With Proposed Capital Projects And Whose Plans Are Submitted To CPAB Through A Cabinet
Agencies With Proposed Capital Projects And Whose Plans Are Submitted Directly To CPAB
Agencies With No Proposed Capital Projects And Whose Plans Are Submitted To CPAB Through A Cabinet
Agencies With No Proposed Capital Projects And Whose Plans Are Submitted Directly To CPAB  

Detailed Instructions - Background Forms

Form SYP-B1 - Agency Mission and Programs
Form SYP-B2 - Agency Facilities Management
Form SYP-B3 - Capital-Related Reports
Form SYP-B5 - Status of Recently Completed/Ongoing Projects
Form SYP-B4a - State-Owned Property Administered by the Agency
Form SYP-B4b - Vacant Square Footage in State-Owned Facilities Managed/Administered by the Agency
Form SYP-B4c - Space Occupied in State-Owned Property Administered by Another Agency
Form SYP-B4d - Non-State-Owned Property Occupied by the Agency
Form SYP-B4e - Space Occupied (Subleased) in Non-State-Owned Property Leased by Another State Agency
Form SYP-B4f - State-Owned Aircraft  

Detailed Instructions - Plan Forms

Form SYP-P1 - Agency Plan Overview
Form SYP-P2 - Proposed Projects
Form SYP-P3 - Space Needs
Form SYP-P4 - Space Reductions  

Detailed Instructions - Ancillary Forms

Form SYP-A2 - Agency Bond Priorities
Form SYP-A3 - Off-Budget Funds