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SB 54/LM/CI (BR 101) - D. Boswell, E. Miller, W. Blevins, P. Herron Jr, B. Jackson, J. Pendleton, L. Saunders, E. Scorsone, D. Seum, T. Shaughnessy

     AN ACT relating to electrical services.
    Require, effective July 1, 2001, any person who engages in electrical work or electrical contracting to hold an effective license or be a registered apprentice electrician; exempt from licensing requirement full-time maintenance worker; person making installations exempt by KRS 227.460; unlicensed nonresident journeyman electrician in temporary, emergency, or industrial shutdown situations; and owner, tenant, or farmer installing or repairing wiring at his or her own residence; define terms; require the Department of Housing, Buildings and Grounds to select and approve an examinations for state licensure, and until July 1, 2001, for local licensure; permit an applicant for a journeyman license to obtain an equivalent industry certificate in lieu of passing an examination; require the department or an authorized local licensing program to issue a state photo ID license; require that the fees for state licenses issued by the authorized local licensing program be retained by the local government and be used solely for administrating KRS 227.450 to 227.500; effective July 1, 2002, require as a condition for license renewal the completion of at least six hours of continuing education; require the department to promulgate administrative regulations establishing the content of continuing education classes and the procedures by which a educational provider is approved; require the department to promulgate administrative regulations establishing initial licensing fees not to exceed $50 for journeyman electricians and $150 for master electricians or electrical contractors; effective July 1, 2001, permit anyone holding an examination certificate issued by a locality or the state to apply for a state license to be effective throughout the state; permit local licensing programs to operate until July 1, 2001; after that time permit local programs to become state agents; establish procedures for the renewal of licenses; require the department to substitute verifiable experience for the license or state examination certificate; establish grounds by which a licensee may be disciplined; establish that persons who practice without a license be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor; require as a condition of the contractor doing business in the state proof of workers' compensation insurance and general liability insurance ; require that a person licensed under KRS 227.450 to 227.500 carry a photo ID license card when he or she is working; require that a vehicle used for transporting materials or equipment be clearly marked with the license number and the company name.


     SCS/LM/CI - Retain original provisions except permit an apprentice electrician to be in a department approved rather than a registered program if the program is limited to four or less apprentices; exempt from licensing requirements a person performing electrical work at a surface or underground coal mine or a coal preparation plant or a retailer or his or her agent of a retail consumer product; amend definition of "electrical contractor" and "electrical" to clarify that neither applies to low voltage wiring and conduits associated with the metering, protection, or control of high voltage equipment and line work consisting of poles and tower; permit the substitution of two years of approved classroom training for two years of actual experience in meeting the prerequisites for taking the journeyman examination and being grandfathered; delete provisions setting out a specific date for the renewal of license and require renewal on anniversary date; delete provision barring felon from licensure.
     SFA (1, M. Long) - Permit a helper who assists a master electrician or journeyman electrician to engage in electrical work, define "helper"; delete provision requiring registered apprentices to hold a card issued by the Labor Cabinet and replace with requirement that the card be issued by the department; add provision establishing a ratio of apprentices to journeymen of no more than seven to one.
     SFA (2, M. Long) - Remove prohibition against any person engaging in electrical work without license and replace with provision barring person from representing himself as a master or journeyman electrician or electrical contractor unless that person holds the respective license; delete language referring to apprentice electricians.
     SFA (3, D. Boswell) - Delete provisions referring to registered apprentices; authorize the department to promulgate administrative regulations governing the employment, training, and welfare of apprentices; require the regulation to recognize an apprentice who is part of a program registered with the Department of Labor or a recognized state apprenticeship agency.
     SFA (4, G. Neal) - Require the proportion of minority apprentices to meet or exceed the greater of the proportion of minorities in the total population of the Commonwealth or the proportion in the county where the employer's business or program is located; require that the employer or the program actively recruit minorities if the proportion does not meet the established proportion in accordance with administrative regulations promulgated by the department; require the department to promulgate administrative regulations to maintain and recruit minorities apprentices.

     Jan 5-introduced in Senate
     Jan 7-to Licensing and Occupations (S)
     Feb 3-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Feb 4-2nd reading, to Rules
     Feb 8-floor amendments (1) and (2) filed to Committee Substitute
     Feb 9-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Thursday, February 10, 2000
     Feb 10-passed over and retained in the Orders of the Day
     Feb 14-floor amendments (3) and (4) filed to Committee Substitute
     Feb 15-3rd reading, tabled

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