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Business geographic location, misrepresentation in telephone directories prohibited - HB 402
Economic development incentives, accountability and equity measures - HJR 149
Eminent Domain, study of - HCR 57; HCR 57: HCS
Floral businesses, misrepresentation of geographic location in telephone directories prohibited - SB 132; HB 414
General and limited partnerships, uniform laws on - HB 247
Junk and scrap recyclers, activities allowed by and duties of - HB 283
Multiple-use Recreational Trail Commission, establishes and funds - HB 302: HCS
Multiple-use Recreational Trail Commission. establish and funds - HB 302
Limited liability company act, amendments to - HB 246
Motion picture piracy, prohibit - HB 348
World Trade Organization rulings, provide input - HCR 105
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