Consumer Affairs


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Business geographic location, misrepresentation in telephone directories prohibited - HB 402
Commercial transactions, financing - SB 114
Consumer reporting agencies, access to wage and employment history information - SB 203
cards, fraudulent finance charges, violation of Consumer Protection Act - HB 282
report alert and freezes - HB 396: HCS
report alerts and freezes - HB 396
report, security freeze - HB 396: HFA (1)
adjusters, regulation of - HB 294
adjusters, state registration fee for - HB 294: HCA (1)
Fire sprinkler contractors' insurance, changes in - SB 95
Floral businesses, misrepresentation of geographic location in telephone directories prohibited - SB 132; HB 414
Food establishments, no liability for weight gain, obesity, or related condition - SB 103
Motor vehicles, unrebuildable titles on, require special brand if rebuilt in Kentucky - HB 109
Real estate appraisers, licensing, qualifications for - HB 417
Rebuilt brands and salvage title on junk vehicles, require cabinet to create unique ID for - HB 109: HCS
Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 173
Student credit card regulation - HB 96
and radio broadcast, urge tighter regulations - HCR 13
and radio broadcast, urge tighter restrictions - HCR 14
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