Mental Disability


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Adult abuse and exploitation, investigations and services - HB 298; HB 298: HCS, HFA (1)
Aging caregivers, study of needs and services - SJR 85
Artificially provided nutrition and hydration, withholding circumstances - HB 501
Child support, emancipation in case of mental disability - HB 204
Commission for Services/Supports for individuals with MR/DD, elderly caregivers, study of - SJR 85: SCS
Community mental health-mental retardation centers, funding formula - SB 199
Community-based and self-directed services, approach by Cabinet for Health Services - SJR 94
Disabilities Awareness Day - SR 90; HR 110
Commission on Autism Spectrum disorders, creation of - HB 296: HFA (1)
Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders, creation of - HB 296
Provider tax, managed care organization, prohibition against hold harmless for - HB 461: HCS
Psychiatric residential treatment facility, CON requirement for nonsubstantive review approval - SB 217
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