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HB 157/LM/CI (BR 259) - R. Palumbo

     AN ACT relating to crimes and punishments.
     Amend KRS 15.280 to require development of sex offender registration statistical data; create a new section of KRS Chapter 15A to require the Criminal Justice Council to study the sex offender registration and notification system every two years; amend KRS 17.170 and 17.175 to include all felons and all juveniles adjudicated delinquent for a felony to be included in the state's DNA database; amend KRS 17.180 to require the placement of automatic fingerprint identification system equipment in every probation and parole office; amend KRS 17.495 to prohibit any registered sex offender, regardless of probation, parole, or supervised release status, from residing within 1,500 feet of schools and day care facilities; prohibit registered sex offenders from being on or about school and day care grounds, except with advance written permission of the principal, the school board, or the day care director; require youthful offenders to remove themselves to residences 1,500 feet or more from schools and day care facilities upon reaching the age of 18; amend KRS 17.500 to increase the information required to be submitted by sex offender registrants, to increase the number of crimes requiring registration, and include juvenile sex offenders in the registry; amend KRS 17.510 to increase the reliability of the verification of sex offender registrant information; create a new section of KRS 17.500 to 17.540 to criminalize aiding and abetting a sex offender registrant; amend KRS 17.990 to provide that a violation of the prohibition is classified as a Class A misdemeanor; create a new section of KRS Chapter 70 to allow sheriffs to notify neighborhoods of resident sex offenders; create a new section of KRS Chapter 161 to require school boards to set policies relative to the admissions of contractors who are also sex offender registrants upon school grounds; create a new section of KRS 439.250 to 439.560 to establish authorization for GPS-based electronic monitoring in probation situations; create a new section of KRS 439.250 to 439.560 to establish authorization for GPS-based electronic monitoring in parole situations; create a new section of KRS 439.250 to 439.560 to require the creation of a GPS-based electronic monitoring system for certain persons on probation, parole, or other form of conditional discharge; create new sections of KRS Chapter 439 to establish a specialized sex offender supervision office, with training and caseload standards for officers; prohibit the entry of an Alford plea for certain sex offenders; amend KRS 510.110 to make sexual abuse in the first degree a Class A felony if the offender is an adult and the victim less than 12 years of age; create a new section of KRS Chapter 532 to require sex offenders convicted of a capital offense or a Class A felony to be subject to GPS-based electronic monitoring if the victim of the offense was a minor; amend KRS 532.025 to allow a person's status as a sex offender registrant when the person commits a capital offense to be used as an aggravating factor in sentencing; require the Criminal Justice Council to study the collection and dissemination of sex offender information within the criminal justice system and the community, factors relative to sex offender sentencing, and violations of criminal law committed by persons on probation or parole. repeal KRS 17.171, 17.172, 17.173, 17.174, and 17.177.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)

     Jan 3-introduced in House; to Judiciary (H)

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