Waterways and Dams


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06 HB 380, state/executive branch budget bill, amendments to - HB 327
Barren River Lake, urge Corps of Engineers to increase depth of - HCR 139
mitigation and response plan, Advisory Council, requirement for - SJR 109: SCS
Mitigation and Response Plan, create - SJR 109
Emergency Action Plans for impoundments, promulgate administrative regulations for - HJR 130
Ky. Pollution Abatement Authority, abolished - SB 55
Lake Barkley, increase navigability on - HCR 12
Ohio River issues, create task force on - HR 215
Save Our Streams Task Force, creation of - HCR 160
Surface mines, overburden disposal in state waters, prohibited - HB 385
Alliance Task Force, establishment and membership of - HCR 160: HCS
Alliance Task Force, membership of - HCR 160: HFA (1)
Wild rivers, construction of I-66 bridges - HB 284: SCS
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