Federal Laws and Regulations


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Administrative regulations, incorporation or adoption of federal laws or regulations - SB 123
Class action reform, urge support of - SR 138
Clean Water Act, authorize state to issue permits to discharge fill material under - SB 175
Clear Skies Act of 2005, urge United States Senate to enact - HR 158
Commercial driver's license standards, adopt federal MCSIA provisions - SB 84; HB 133
urge to abolish federal estate tax permanently - SR 6
USDA, allow sale of excess tobacco - HR 69
Fair Labor Standards Act and related regulations, expanded electrician licensure to comply with - HB 419, 499
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, compliance with - SB 2; HB 416
Kentucky National Guard and Reserve, federal active duty, death benefits - SB 161; HB 191, 222
Medicaid, personal needs allowance, increase of - HB 38
Medical malpractice reform, urge support of - SR 30, 138
Military Family Tax Relief Act of 2003, adopt provisions of - HB 341
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact, adoption of - SB 26; SB 26: HCS
No call list, urge Federal Communications Commission not to preempt - HR 191
Phase II obligation, urge tobacco companies to pay - HCR 47: HCS
Real estate appraisers, federal and state licensing qualifications, differences permitted - HB 417
Remote control locomotives, U.S. Congress to urge Federal Railroad Administration regulation of - SCR 64
Supreme court nominations, urge support of - SR 63
and radio broadcast, urge tighter regulations - HCR 13
and radio broadcast, urge tighter restrictions - HCR 14
Tort law, firearms, urge reform of - SR 137
U.S. Congress, urge review and amendment of buyout bill - HCR 47
United States Constitution, urge amendment to forbid raising taxes by judicial decision - HR 49
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