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Charter buses, exempt from motor vehicle usage tax, exempt repair parts from sales tax - SB 60
driver's license standards, adopt federal MCSIA provisions - SB 84; HB 133
driver's license, exempt professional drivers from workers' compensation - HB 404
vehicle, impoundment of - HB 133: SFA (1)
Driver permitted to move vehicle to storage facility - HB 133: SCS
weight coal roads, weight limits by truck size - HB 129
weight road system, allow bonding with local government to access system - HB 8: SCS (1)
weight road system, define system by transportation of coal - HB 8: SCS (1)
weight road system, exempt roads within a consolidated local government - HB 8: SFA (1)
weight road system, exempt roads within an urban county government - HB 8: SFA (2)
weight road system, exempt specific roads - HB 8: SFA (3)
weight road system, require Transportation Cabinet to promulgate safety standards - HB 8: SFA (4)
Field sobriety tests, require of all drivers in an accident in which school bus is involved - SB 90
Justice Cabinet - SB 45: HCS (1)
Manufactured homes, restrict transportation of - HB 309
Motorcycle safety education program fund, establish and appropriate funds - SB 77: HCS
Purple Heart license plate, allow parents and spouse of deceased recipients to get plate - HB 134: SFA (2)
Sales tax exemption, repair and replacement parts for certain interstate vehicles - HB 159
license plates, add $5 extra fee for veterans' trust fund upon renewal of certain plates - HB 134: SCS
license plates, establish Gold Star Mother plate - HB 134: SFA (3)
license plates, require regs spell out criteria and standards for denial - HB 134: SFA (1)
license plates, transmission of extra fees on a quarterly basis - HB 134: SCS
Speed limits, increase on interstates, parkways, and 4 lane state roads - HB 450
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