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Agricultural products, state agencies, purchase of - HB 669
Apples and strawberries, statutes, repeal of - HB 267
Bottled water, labeling source of - HB 120
Burgoo Capital of the World, designate Anderson County as - HJR 54
Donated food, usage tax, exemption for - HB 68: SCS
law, assessment fees, labeling - HB 442
marketing law, emergency recall plan - HB 442
Honeybees, Department of Agriculture powers related to - HB 716
Kentucky farmers, honoring and recognizing Food Checkout Day - SR 112; HR 109
Persons selling or marketing eggs, required to certify eggs as not having been fertilized - HB 442: HFA (1)
food establishment donations, regulation, exemption from - HB 68
food establishment, civil and criminal immunity for donations by - HB 68: HCS
food establishment, donations, exempt from additional inspections of - HB 68: HFA (1)
Sales from vending machines, prohibit in schools and replace lost funds for - HB 252
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