Alcoholic Beverages


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Advertising ban, exemption for items sent to customer's residence - SB 29
Alcohol vaporizing device, sale and use ban - HB 125; HB 125: SFA (1)
Alcoholic beverages, racetrack license, issuance of, qualifications established - SB 29: SCS
Caterer, definition of, amended - SB 107
Distilled spirits retail drink license, eligibility for - HB 340
Driver's license revocation and criminal penalties, alcohol convictions involving minors leading to - SB 45
DUI, court order requiring blood or urine test, removal of statutory right to consult attorney - HB 34
Election days, after 12 noon, permit sale of - HB 341
Hours for Sunday sales adopted by urban-county government - HB 138: SCA (1)
Kentucky Wine and Vine Festival, official designation of - HB 283
Restaurant corkage fee, establishment of - SB 29: HFA (1)
Sales at qualified historic sites, local option elections for - HB 138; HB 138: SCS
parks, sale of alcoholic beverages, local option election to allow - HB 391: HFA (1)
parks, wine and malt beverage sales, local option election authorized - HB 391
production limit for small farm wineries - SB 29: HFA (3)
sales from small farm wineries - SB 29: HFA (2)
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