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Alien, right to own real and personal property - HB 503
Flag of the United States, display of - HB 13
Historic or prehistoric remains on property, procedure for disposition of - HB 118
Kentucky Single Family Dwellings Advisory Committee, creation of - HB 243: SFA (1)
Landlord-tenant relations, litigation relating to - HB 139
Methamphetamine property registry, creation and operation of - HB 470
Nuisance liens, priority of - HB 489
Estate Appraisers Board, powers of - SB 160; SB 160: SFA (1)
estate appraisers, require national criminal history check to apply for licensure as - HB 86: HFA (1),(2)
estate brokers, alter post-license education course for and remove increased fines against - HB 65: HCS
estate brokers, commission requirements for and recovery fund for financial harm caused by - HB 86: HCS
estate brokers, various requirements for - HB 86
Estate Commission, required post-license education course - HB 65
Theft by deception, bad checks - HB 217
Uniform state building permit, provisions for - HB 372
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