Taxation, Property


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of delinquency, fee limits for private purchasers established - HB 321
of delinquency, limitation on attorney fees - HB 171
of delinquency, notice provisions for private purchasers established - HB 321
Delinquent solid waste fees and taxes, collection of - HB 240: HFA (1)
Disabled veterans, propose constitutional amendment to allow exemption of property - HB 146
vessels, exempt from local property tax - HB 335: HFA (1)
vessels, exempt from local taxation - HB 466
Exemption from property tax for certain recreational vehicles - HB 407
Local property tax, private aircraft exemption - HB 335
Mathematics and science professional development for - SB 1: HCS
tax recall, certain restrictions on rate increases reduced - HB 116
valuation administrators, dedication of receipts to pay salaries - HB 446
Require heavy equipment rental companies to levy property tax fee - SB 170
Threshold amount, preparation of tax bill below - HB 384
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