Title 302 | Chapter 022 | Regulation 010

302 KAR 22:010.Procedures for inspection, testing, identification, removal, and disposition of livestock, poultry, and fish.

Section 1.

After reasonable notice and upon suspicion of communicable disease that presents a risk to livestock, poultry, fish, or public health, the State Veterinarian or the State Veterinarian's representative may enter upon any farm, stockyard, auction barn, or any other place or premises, market, or conveyance where livestock, poultry, or fish are handled, for the purpose of inspecting, examining, or testing the livestock, poultry, or fish for infectious or communicable diseases. The State Veterinarian may brand, tag, or otherwise identify the livestock, poultry, or fish found diseased or exposed to disease and may order quarantine, and after reasonable notice and appraisal, removal or disposition of the livestock, poultry, or fish found to be diseased.

Section 2.

The State Veterinarian or an authorized representative may enter any sale or exhibition premises for the purpose of surveillance testing. Surveillance testing may be done at sale and exhibition events for infectious or communicable diseases that present a risk to animal health or to public health.


Testing may be done randomly.


The owner of the animals shall provide premises of origin information, either by an identifier given by the State Veterinarian or a physical road address, on the species being tested, as well as the physical and mailing address of the owners and contact information.


The owner of the animals shall not be responsible for any testing fees for any surveillance program, unless expressly a condition of the sale or event.


Test results shall be provided to the owner, if requested at the time of the sample collection.

HISTORY: (46 Ky.R. 2627; eff. 6-30-2020.)

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